Best Ribs in the LOU!

Whenever you say you have found THE BEST of anything there is sure to be some discussion following your statement. It’s a bold move to claim the best, but I’m going to go ahead and say. Vernon’s BBQ has the best ribs in the LOU. There. I did it.

Vernon’s was just featured on the Creative ‘Que episode of the Food Network show Eat, Sleep, BBQ.  Host Rashad Jones, explored pitmaster Matt’s smoked apple bread pudding and the BBQ Slinger. After watching the show, I couldn’t help but make it a priority to get back to Vernon’s ASAP.

Vernon’s sit just off the beaten path of U City just north of the Delmar loop. It’s located in an old mechanic shop which makes for a great BBQ restaurant atmosphere. There are a wide variety of sauces to try including and interesting Asian Peanut sauce, peach,  and the XXX hot. If you are like my Mom, you will love mixing and matching to make your own personal concoction. The difference with Vernon’s sauces is they are served hot. Yes, they are warmed up and served hot. It’s an interesting twist that does make a difference.

During previous visits I recalled thinking these are the best ribs I’ve had in a long time. This trip solidified Vernon’s as the BEST RIBS IN THE LOU for me! If you’ve not had them, get there ASAP. I’d put these ribs up against any of the St. Louis greats. Bogart’s would come in at a close second for me followed by Pappy’s, but these are the best.

When you go to Vernon’s, I’d highly recommend getting the Vernon Sampler. With a half slab of ribs, 3 meats, and a side for $18 it the best value on the menu and will allow you to try a wide variety of menu items.

I also tried the Apple bread pudding which was amazing. Get there and get it in yo mouth. Try the ribs and let me know what you think. Are there other delicious ribs out there? If so, what are they?

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