City Butcher and Barbecue – Springfield, MO

City Butcher 3Every time I travel I find myself looking for a BBQ spot to visit. On my recent family trip to Springfield, MO we came across the highly rated City Butcher. It did not disappoint!
When the Smoke Monsters roll into a BBQ joint we’ve not tried before, we go big. We take the decisions out the equation by just ordering everything!
When you cant help but eat yourself into a smoked meat induced food comma, you know you just had an awesome BBQ experience.
 City Butcher1
The Burnt Ends!
2 words. HELL YES! The burnt ends definitely stole the show. These juicy tender chunks of deliciousness had an awesome smokey flavor and were by far the highlight of my butcher paper. If you visit City Butcher do not miss out on the burnt ends. Trust me.
The Ribs
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For me going to a BBQ joint is a total experience. This includes the environment, the staff, the décor, the location, the food, etc… I was thrown when my phone said I had arrived and I found myself in a strip mall parking lot. If you’ve not been to Springfield before you will learn quickly that the town is littered with strip malls. As a St. Louis City boy who appreciates brick, stone, and history, I don’t find anything exciting about a suburban strip mall. However, when I walked in the door I was transported to a clean rustic yet modern feeling landscape accompanied by a lovely smoke smell! As you walk in you are greeted by a trough of many soda and beer options. I went right in for the Root Beer.
Now, the weird part of this experience was the Soup Naziesque direction from one of the workers when my Dad (Master Smoke Monster Mick) encroached on my wife and I as we placed our order. “Sir step back behind that line,” in a stern strong voice. To which my Dad wittily replied, “Sorry the smell of smoked meat causes my to lose control of myself. To which I laughed, but the worker did not. Dude, I get it you have rules. We are here as customers to enjoy what your business. I expect BBQ restaurant owners and workers to love what they do and that usually shows up in the environment they create. Outside of this, everyone else was nice and seemed to be having a good time. Overall, they could do better in creating the BBQX of the BBQ restaurant greats that have people lining up before the doors open to get a little tastes of what the pit master is working on.
Overall, the food was great and so was my company! I will be back to City Butcher and Barbeque soon, but I hope they spend a little more time on providing the best possible service to their customers. It goes a long way.
City Butcher FamCity Butcher Front

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